simple, smart disk maintenance tools for Windows.

Eliminate useless files, free up disk space, and avoid a needless upgrade with Disko apps. Fast, effective, and fully supported - guaranteed. Exclusively available in the Microsoft Store.

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Disko disk utilities let you take back control of your storage.

Disko's suite of disk management software helps you keep your device organized. Scan for large files and free up disk space with just two taps. Eliminate unwanted space hogs. Disko's apps are fast and lightweight - they don't bog down your system.

Disko apps are available exclusively through the Microsoft Store. That means the apps are trusted, safe, and secure.

All these great features:


Disko's apps are under 10MB – they take seconds to install.


All of Disko's titles are Trusted Microsoft Store apps.


Use Disko on any Windows 10 device.


Fast & helpful tech support for all users.

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