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If you need help using Disko, or have other questions, please have a quick look at our FAQ below. We're happy to help if your question isn't answered there.

How do the Disko apps actually work?

Disko apps scan your drives and storage devices for large, duplicate, or temporary files that can safely be deleted. Once Disko identifies these files, you can select them for deletion to free up disk space.

What's the difference between each of your apps?

Disko File Scanner is a lightweight explorer for your drive that allows you to quickly identify files and folders that are taking up lots of space.

Disko Duplicate Cleaner scans for duplicate files and conveniently moves the duplicates to the Recycle Bin.

Disko Ultimate is an all-in-one app that identifies large files, duplicates, and oversized folders, as well as providing you with a convenient way to monitor and maintain your disk space.

How do I use Disko File Scanner?

Disko File Scanner gives you a size-ordered view of files and folders for any directory you point it at.

When File Scanner starts, it automatically scans three directories: your Pictures, Music, and Videos folders. To scan another folder, press "Scan any folder" and use the selection window that appears to navigate to the folder you want to scan. When you're there, press "Select folder". Disko File Scanner will now scan the folder you selected.

At any time from the main screen, you can click on any scanned folder for a detailed view of that folder. From this view, you can select files and folders for deletion by using the checkboxes on the right of each row. When you've selected the items you want to delete, press the "Delete" button in the top of the screen. Deleted files and folders are moved to your Recycle Bin; to delete them permanently, empty your Recycle Bin.

If you need more information on a certain file or folder, press "Open Folder" to open Windows Explorer at your current location. This will allow you to inspect the file or folder before deleting it.

How do I use Disko Duplicate Cleaner?

Disko Duplicate Cleaner scans your system automatically for duplicate files, and lets you remove duplicates with just a few clicks.

When the app first opens, it will automatically search for duplicates in three places: Pictures, Music, and Videos. You can scan additional folders by pressing the "Pick Folder" button.

As the scan progresses, you can press "View Results" to see a detailed list of duplicate files found by Duplicate Cleaner. When possible, a preview of the files will be shown. You can click on each item to mark it for deletion. Alternatively, you can use the "Select all" button in the top of the screen to select all duplicates.

Once you've selected the duplicate files you want to remove, press the Delete button. Deleted duplicates will be moved to the Recycle Bin - make sure you empty your Recycle Bin if you want to permanently delete these files.

Each duplicate's location is shown under its preview. You can click this location to open Windows Explorer to the containing directory.

In most cases, you should leave the "Compare only safe files" checkbox selected; this way, only user-created files (images, documents, videos, etc.) will be scanned for duplicates, and most system files will be ignored.

What if I accidentally delete an important file with Disko?

If you accidentally delete a file while using Disko, look in your Recycle Bin. Disko always tries to move files to your Recycle Bin instead of deleting them permanently.

I deleted files with Disko, but my disk is still full!

Check your Recycle Bin - you might need to empty it to free up the disk space that was being used by your unwanted files.

I have Windows 7 / Windows 8. Can I use Disko?

Sorry - unfortunately not. Disko apps are only available to Windows 10 users through the Windows Store.

How can I remove ads?

Disko's free apps are ad-supported. If you don't like ads, or if you want to support the development of Disko more directly, we offer File Scanner Pro and Duplicate Cleaner Pro for sale - no ads, early access to new features, and priority technical support. Thank you for using our apps (free or paid)!

Will Disko apps work on my Surface tablet or Windows Phone?

Yes, they will.

Why does Disko miss some files/folders?

Sorry - this is a limitation of the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store apps do not have permission to scan certain critical areas of your disk. Don't worry - there's nothing in there you should delete anyway. (If you really need to scan these hidden directories, you'll need to use a non-Store scanner.)

How do I install or uninstall Disko?

To install Disko, go to the Windows Store app and find the product listing for the Disko app you're interested in. Click the "Install" button. Installation is automatic. When it's complete, the app will be available in your Start menu.

To uninstall the app, locate it in your Start menu, right-click on it, and choose "Uninstall".

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